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Dog Walking, Cat Sitting & Small Pet Care

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For Dog Walking in Nottingham:

Nottingham Dog Walking



Nottingham Dog Walking - 45 minutes - £9.00 (2 dogs - £11)

Nottingham Dog Walking - 1 hour - £10.00 (2 dogs - £12)

Lunchtime Comfort Breaks - 15 minutes - £5.00


We provide a dog walking or sitting

service, occasional or regular.  We spend 45 minutes

or 1 hour per visit with the dog/s and can customise this

to the needs of the dog/s.  This could include:


- A trip to the local park or field for exercise, often

with a ball or frisbee

- Alternate walking areas to give variety and alleviate


- Disposing of your dogs litter appropriately

- Feeding and changing water

- Administering medicines, as supplied by your


- Providing companionship and stimulation

- Socialisation with other dogs (if appropriate)


If you work long or unusual hours, travel on holiday or find it difficult to walk your dog because of illness or injury we can help .  As we are a full-time business we can offer flexibility and can often attend at short notice, should the circumstance arise. There are no cancellation charges, simply use us when you need us.  Our dog walking service is operational Monday - Friday.


Our vast experience of dog walking in Nottingham ensures we have a diverse knowledge of dogs, meaning we have extensive experience working with different breeds, dogs of different ages and temperaments.  We are able to offer basic advice regarding training, health and nutrition.

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